The Ultimate Safari

Hijinks at Kruger park…

Kruger Park image via the Africa Travel Blog...


From the Ultimate Safari:

He told us we had to take a long way to get round the fence, which he explained would kill you, roast off your skin the moment you touched it, like the wires high up on the poles that give electric light in our towns. I’ve seen that sign of a head without eyes or skin or hair on an iron box at the mission hospital we used to have before it was blown up.

Tourist at the described electric fence via a travel blog.


VS. the white bone (description of “Rogue’s Web”)

From the Ultimate Safari:

To get there we had to get to Kruger Park. We knew about Kruger Park. A Kind of whole country of animals – elephants, lions, jackals, hyenas, hippos, crocodiles, all kinds of animals. We had some of them in our own country, before the war (our grandfather remembers; we children weren’t born yet) but the bandits kill the elephants and sell their tusks, and the bandits and our soldiers have eaten all the buck. There is a man in our village without legs – a crocodile took them off, in our river; but all the same our country is a country of people, not animals. We knew about Kruger Park because some of our men used to leave home to work there in the places where white people come to stay and look at the animals.

VS. the white bone (Safe Place defined by Torrent)

and later, after arriving at the refugee camp…

Long ago, in the time of our fathers, there was no fence that kills you, there was no Kruger Park between them and us, we were the same people under our own king, right from the village we left to this place we’ve come to.

VS. the white bone; Sentiments echoed in human behavior at the Safe Place.

Closing lines of The Ultimate Safari:

Our Grandmother looked away from her an spoke – There is nothing. No home.

Why does our grandmother say that? Why? I’ll go back. I’ll go back through the Kruger Park. After the war, if there are no bandits any more, our mother may be waiting for us. And maybe when we left our grandfather, he was only left behind, he found his way somehow, slowly, through the Kruger Park, and He’ll be there. They’ll be home, and I’ll remember them. 

Do the characters in the white bone ever plan to “go back” once they find the Safe Place? How is memory treated in each story?





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